About Montague

Self Portrait, 2018

Self Portrait, 2018

Montague is a Swiss filmmaker and experimental photographer born in Basel in 1983. After sinology and film history studies at the University of Zürich he relocated to the thriving city of Beijing, continuing his studies at the Beijing Film Academy in search of the new and unconventional. Speaking and writing Chinese fluently, he lives and works in Beijing since 2004. 

In the 14 years in China his career in advertising, documentaries and film has led him to work on sets of both local and international productions working with an eclectic array of talented filmmakers and photographers from all over the world. Each one has inspired, taught or both, and added to an ever growing collection of visual stories. 

From an early age on, Montague was also pursuing experimental analogue photography with a very pictorialist approach. Usually drawn to the contrasting elements of our world, anti-heroes in unlikely places, the harsh beauty of nature, the urban jungles of Asia and a whole array of nudes and still-lives. China with its vibrant bustle and cultural gaps inspired and pushed him to find new approaches to his work. During the last years he documented the frightening but picturesque air pollution problem of Beijing in his series titled ‘Wu Da!’. 

In 2017, he is reconnecting with his home country Switzerland. He started an abstract landscape series titled ‘Diagonal Compositions’. All of his work is shot on 4x5 large format film cameras on a large array of different emulsions, negatives and positive papers. He also develops and enlarges his photographs himself in his darkrooms in Zurich and Beijing.