Lucid Daydreams

My first publication, created by Franz Mäder and myself to go alongside my recent exhibition ‘Grossformat Fotografie’. Write me if you like a personal copy! They go for 25.- SFR incl. shipping within Europe, 30.- SFR worldwide. 40 pages, matte paper with several themes and short introductions to techniques.


2018 Exhibition 'Grossformat Fotografie' at ÉSPACE Fendt

You are cordially invited to my first large format photography exhibition in Switzerland. I am proud to be exhibiting alongside my late uncle's work 'Fresques - Fragments'. Come visit, enjoy some art, a glass of wine and stroll along the Etang de la Gruère.


9 Suns

One of the rejects of the Black Sun series, an early capture on my Chamonix 45n2 with a 1:2.39 mask on direct positive paper. 

9 Suns.jpg


Mamiya 7II w. 80mm f4, Ektachrome E100G, Beijing